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Suspended and Drop Ceiling Considerations

Suspended ceilings, also known as drop ceilings, offer a great solution to a number of needs around the home. They can mask exposed plumbing and wiring, reduce noise and add aesthetic improvement to any room.

The concept is pretty simple - a metal grid is hung from the existing ceiling, and panels or tiles are laid into the grid, creating a new ceiling a few inches below than the original.

Suspended ceilings offer a reliable, cost-effective alternative to replacing an existing ceiling altogether. Whether it's outdated popcorn spary or peeling plaster, installing a dropped ceiling can be easier and more attractive than remodeling the whole ceiling.

Whereas drop ceilings once only came in generic white panels, like the kind found in offices or department stores, there is now a wide array of enticing options. From faux wood to decorative metal tile, a designer drop ceiling can accentuate or overhaul the look of any room in the home. And should you ever tire of your new ceiling, you can always replace the panels for a whole new flavor.

Drop ceilings are especially popular in basements, where exposed joists, electrical wiring, plumbing and ducting give a drab, unfinished, cavernous feel. A suspended ceiling can go a long way toward making the basement homier and more livable, whether it's workshop, a rec room or a secret underground lair.

Suspended ceilings are also great noise reducers. Acoustic panels can greatly dampen sound from the next floor, which is ideal for offices, in-home recording studios, or any room with children constantly overhead.

Dropped ceilings also offer easy access for repairs or maintenance. By simply removing a panel or tile, you or your repairman can gain easy access to the inner workings of your home, without having to cut unsightly holes in your ceiling.

If you need to redo the ceilings in part of your home, the savings and convenience offered by a suspended ceiling may be exactly what you're looking for.