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Save the Environment

Any home—from a cottage to a mansion—can be an EarthCraft

Buying an EarthCraft House is a simple way to help our planet because an EarthCraft House consumes less energy and natural resources. EarthCraft House builders know how to create healthier, more comfortable homes, reducing utility bills and increasing value.

HomePros and EarthCraft House

HomePros has partnered with EarthCraft House to promote green home building options that help homeowners save money and save our environment. Leveraging EarthCraft's expertise and HomePros powerful community platform, the two companies are promoting sustainable living at the root level.

About EarthCraft House

EarthCraft House is a green building program that serves as a blueprint for healthy comfortable homes that reduce utility bills and protect the environment. The aim of the program is to help home builders be leaders in smart growth management and environmental stewardship.

Building an EarthCraft House is about constructing a healthy, more valuable home while minimizing environmental impacts. EarthCraft House follows a systems approach to home building that stresses an understanding of how the different components of a home work together. This approach results in a home that performs better, is more economical for the homeowner and costs little more to build than a comparable home built with standard construction practices.

  1. EarthCraft/HomePros "What it Means to be Green Contest"Tue, December, 25 2008

    The winner will receive a $100 American Express Gift Card and be featured within the Green House, EarthCraft Homes Feature Community Groups...


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