Winter Season Design Ideas

Design Corner - Decorating - Winter Season

winterseasonSnowmen, icicles, and snowball fights are what get us through the cold winter days, oh yeah, and don't forget the hot chocolate we all love so much. Staying warm is the main goal when surviving though the long winter months. Heavy blankets and wood burning fires to snuggle up to paint the picture of a perfect winter evening.

Warm It Up - Put away the light and bright and bring out the heavy and deep. You want to replace all the linens in the house with a heavier, warmer fabric. Change the linens to flannel to keep you cozy at night. The days are shorter and colder so that means less sunshine. It is now time to replace the sheer or lace drapes with heavy velvet or cotton ones in a deeper shade.

Furniture - You will also want to reposition your furniture closer together to create a comfortable, warmer feel in the room. You will want to replace you pale and bright fabrics with deeper tones like navy blue, russet, burgundy, and eggplant. These will give anyone a warmer feel, which is the main objective when surviving through the winter months. Candles can also offer a warm glow. They do not only add warmth to the air, but also can add some winter aromas of pinecone, evergreen, and cinnamon.

One way to warm up a cold, open floor is add some area rugs in nice rich winter fabrics and patterns like wool, traditional oriental rugs, or Navajo rugs. You will be surprised by how much just filling up empty spaces will warm up a room. Winter is a time for soup and snuggling. Think of spicy colors and roaring fires when choosing your accessories for a winter d�cor. Staying close to home and the ones you love. Winter can be a tough time for all but keep in mind that if you warm up your d�cor with the little things you warm up your home and give it the winter feel you are looking for.