Sunroom Design Ideas

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sunroomSunrooms are a luxury and can be added to just about any home. Sunrooms are a screened-in area off the back of your home. Hanging out in your screened-in sunroom is the perfect place to watch the sunset on a sizzling summer evening. Feeling the nighttime breeze and smelling the bold smells of nature is the perfect wrap up to a stressful day.

Windows - Having a sunroom allows you to enjoy the outdoors without all the annoyance of bugs and raindrops. Sunrooms can either be made completely of glass, or have just a glass ceiling with screen walls. If you choose to have a sunroom made of glass consider placing screens in the windows. This will allow a breeze when the windows are open and you will not have to worry about the intrusion of bugs.

Energy - Energy efficiency is the biggest concern when designing a sunroom. If you choose a glass enclosure there is a variety of insulated windows to choose from. These windows will help reduce your heating and AC bill. If you decide to have a screen enclosure you may not want to have your central air or heat wired to the room.

Lighting - Due to all the natural light flowing into the room artificial light is not a top priority. Having a few table lamps will be perfect for the evening nights spent in this wonderful area. During the day the natural light is wonderful because it allows potted plants to receive sunlight in any part of the room.

Furniture - Outdoor furniture is wonderful addition to the sunroom because you still have to windows will be open most of the time. Wicker furniture gives any sunroom an outdoors feel and is practical when comes to cleaning and durability. You can find anything from bamboo blinds to natural fiber rugs to top off the outdoors feel you will want with a sunroom.

Sunrooms are relaxing places to hang out and entertain friends. It gives you the feeling of being outside but with protection from bugs and rain. Enjoy your space and have fun.