Summer Season Design Ideas

Design Corner - Decorating - Summer Season

summerseasonWhen designing your house for summer think about bright and happy times. Summer is the playtime of the year. From slip-n-slides and sprinklers in the back yard to ice cream and hot dogs inside, summer is a fun time of year. Think back yard BBQ's to poolside parties. It is a time to get together with friends and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Lighten Up - Most people do not change the major components when decorating seasonally. So you can achieve a summer feel to your home or space by accents and accessories. Lighten up the colors and fabrics in your home or space. Try changing your heavy drapery to a sheer, translucent fabric. That way you are not changing the color of your walls four times a year.

Change Fabrics and Linens - Make sure to put up some of the items that are not useful in the summer, like your heavy blankets and throws, and you can always add a lighter slipcover to your sofa that could be used year after year in the summer time. Replace your table lines and table runners with something lighter and brighter. Try a lace table cloth, lace always adds a light feminine touch. Change out all of your linens in the house from the heavy winter comforters to soft, light summer linens, and replace your dark lampshades with lighter colored ones.

Flowers - Fresh flowers are always a nice summertime touch. Fresh flowers can brighten up any space. Go with tulips, daisies, and roses. Or you can even use fresh citrus as a centerpiece. Lemons and limes are a great summer citrus to decorate with. For your lighting in the summer time you want to keep it as bright as possible and let as much natural light in as possible. "Keep the windows open and the sunshine in" should be your motto for the summer months.

Seasonal design doesn't have to be hard or expensive. Change the little things. And just keep two helpful words in mind when choosing your designs, light and bright. Making everything lighter and brighter will definitely give you the summer time feel you are looking to achieve.