Stairway and Railing Design Ideas

Design Corner - Decorating - Stairway and Railing

stairwayStairways and railings can be difficult to decorate. Always make sure they are still functional and there isn't too many accessories blocking the way. Walking up and down the stairs safely is the highest priority. There are still many little touches to bring in your own style and character. The main elements you will want to focus on will be colors, flooring, lighting and accessories.

Color - When choosing a paint color for the walls of your stairway you will want a neutral color palette. You will also want a lighter shade color to open up the space and attract more natural light. The stairway should be nice and bright so people can see where they are walking.

Flooring - Flooring is also another important factor to consider when designing your stairway. The most popular choices for a stairway are carpet or hardwoods. If you have hardwoods you might want to consider installing carpet runners so there is more traction when people are walking up and down the stairs. With a neutral color palette you will want to choose a complimenting color for your flooring as well. For example, a sand brown color or a beautiful honey wood choice would be beautiful for the floors. Then for the carpet runner a forest green will accent beautifully.

Lighting - When designing lighting for this space you will want to have safety on the forefront of your mind. That said you would definitely want ample lighting so you can see the stairs when walking. A great idea would be installing a switch at both the bottom and the top of the stairway.

Accessories - Accessories for your stairway should be kept to a minimum. A couple ways to dress up your stairway will be to put pictures on the wall of your family and special memories. If you have a landing, place a faux potted plant or a small end table with fresh flowers on it. To dress up the railing you can always string branches or lights threw the rails. When doing this you will not want to obstruct peoples grip when walking up and down the stairs. You may want to keep decorating the railing for holidays and special events.

Even though this space is small. There is much you can add of your own personal style. These small accents will definitely add character. Flooring, paint and accessories can always be fun and creative for your stairway.