Spring Season Design Ideas

Design Corner - Decorating - Spring Season

spring_seasonApril showers, bring May flowers. Spring is a time of new growth and happiness. It is a time to open all your doors and windows that have been closed so tightly from the winter months. When decorating for the spring use bright pastel colors. For example spring green, sky blue, violet, and bright yellow are popular colors to represent the springtime. Think cheery and happy.

Spring Cleaning - Many people will start their spring season off with "Spring Cleaning". It is a very deep cleaning of your home. It is supposed to signify a fresh, clean start after the harsh winter months. Many people don't change the major things like paint colors and furniture fabrics seasonally. You can definitely achieve a seasonal feel with accenting and accentuating what you already have in your home.

Colors - Start with the color palette you currently have in your home. If you have mostly strong blacks, blues, yellows, or reds you will want to use fabrics with red, turquoise, white, lime green, bright yellow, or marine blue respectively. Using these colors to accent will help the bright spring colors not get lost in the strong hues. If you have more of a muted color palette with soft colors like beige, gold, brown, sage or plum you will want to accent with colors like buttery yellow, aqua, coral, celadon, and lavender. These will compliment your softer colors nicely without being too harsh against them. Color is the most drastic way to decipher between seasons because each season has its own color theme.

Fabrics - If you choose not to change the major components of a room changing the drapery, linens and throw pillows is a great option. Replace the heavy drapery to a sheer lighter fabric that lets in the sunlight. You will want as much natural light to shine into your space as possible.

The number one sign to signify spring has started are flowers. Try to make it a point to always have fresh flowers in the house. Flowers will brighten up any room and give it a spring feel. Bright colored flowers like tulips or roses are a great choice. Create a flower box for your windowsill or place a plant in a pot to go on your front porch. Anything alive, growing and green will make you feel like spring has finally arrived!