Sitting Room Design Ideas

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sittingroomRemember that room you were never allowed to play in when you were younger? That room was probably the sitting room or study. The study is considered a quiet place in a house where someone can curl up with a good book and just enjoy the silence or gather their thoughts as the morning sunlight streams through the windows.

Paint - You will want a peaceful feeling when designing your sitting room. That would mean choosing soothing color paints. Some nice choices for the walls are blues and yellows. Soft creamy fabrics for the upholstery will help accentuate the walls. Think of a library when designing this room in your house. It is a place in your house where people can sit, talk, relax, or curl up with a good book.

Lighting - The sitting room is usually found in the front of the house. When planning a sitting room keep in mind you will want a room with windows. The natural sunlight will play a big part of the ambiance in a sitting room, so take note of the direction of the sun. Keep the drapery light and sheer to ensure the most amount of light during the day. Natural sunlight is proven to be more relaxing and warming to the soul than artificial. Use table lamps or floor lamps at night to keep the lighting soft and relaxing.

Furniture - When choosing seating for your sitting room you will want something lush and comfortable. There is not as much traffic in this room so a more luxurious fabric can be used for a sofa. For example fabric choices can be something like an Italian silk or suede. Drape cashmere throw blankets on the back of a sofa and you are creating a relaxing retreat in your own home.

A fireplace is also a nice feature to have in a sitting room. Picture yourself wrapped in cashmere, snuggled up in front of a fireplace reading your favorite book. These are the visions you want to have when designing your sitting room. Then you will have an adult space to get away from everyday stresses.