Laundry Room Design Ideas

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laundryWhen designing the laundry room in your home you first have to asses the available space. Laundry rooms generally are not very large. They are usually tucked away in the corner of a basement or in a hallway closet. Everyone knows that the grueling job of doing laundry is no fun, but it has to be done. So keeping your clothes organized in this small space will definitely help make the process less painful. Look to keep your laundry room away from your primary eating areas as laundry rooms produce high amounts of lint, dust, humidity, and vapors from the cleaning detergents.

Organization - Focus on baskets and shelving. With the piles of clothes building up, having a few tall baskets in this room for your whites, darks and delicates saves space and reduces clutter. You can find inexpensive bamboo or wicker baskets for this at popular retail stores. Shelving is ideal to store cleaning detergents or hang wet clothes on hangers. The best place for these shelving is above your washer and dryer which will keep your laundry supplies out of the reach of children. You can find sturdy shelving at retail stores. Another great idea is to buy hooks to hang your ironing board against your wall to save you space, or use a "built-in" board in the wall.

Lighting - Use brighter lighting since this is a work space. Look for overhead fluorescent lighting fixtures which are bright and energy efficient. You can also installing a ceiling fan to help circulate the air and break up the humidity and cleaning product fumes.

Flooring - Look for tile or laminate flooring. This is workspace, so having durable flooring is ideal for handling water or detergent spills. You can find many different styles and prices in retailers to meet your needs. You can also add a placemat rug in front of your washer and dryer for additional protection. Choose a rug that is durable in material such as bamboo or sisal.

When designing your laundry room, focus on these elements to help save space make for a productive workspace. After all, you may as well have a space you can enjoy while folding endless piles of clothes!