Home Theater & Media Room Design Ideas

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home_theaterDecorating for a home theater or media room can be a fun experience. The theatre is usually an extra room so can be more creative with your designs. You will want to consider entertaining in comfort when planning the layout for this room. A room like this will definitely make all your friends envious.

Paint - The paint for the walls, floor, and ceiling in this room should a dark shade. The dark paint will allow you to watch your favorite flick without the walls illuminating in the background. Painting the walls a darker shade will also allow the screen to be the focal point and enhance viewing pleasure for your guests. You can also try hanging drapes made of a heavy fabrics like a deep red velvet to give your room the old school theater feel. You definitely want to hang heavy opaque, blackout drapes or curtains on the windows. When you kick back with friends watching a movie you want absolutely no natural light coming through the windows.

Lighting - This is an important feature in the room. You want to install a dimmer on your lighting switch so you have more control of the mood you wish to set. Rope lighting is a great choice to line the walls and the rows of chairs. Using the rope lighting will also give your room an authentic movie theater feel. Install a low light over the door or an exit sign incase someone has to run out during a movie.

Accessories - These should not be overlooked even though the lights will be off the majority of the time. Decorate the walls by framing old or new posters of your favorite movies, or actors to enhance the movie theater feel. You can also add old concession stand signs or a vintage popcorn machine.

Furniture - Make sure to install an ample amount of seating for friends and family. Before purchasing the seating keep in mind the available space. Measure both the space in the theatre and the seating you about to purchase. When it comes to the seats you can choose anything from real theater chairs to lazy boy recliners. You want to leave enough space between rows for people to walk through, and stagger the chairs so that every guest has an unobstructed view of the screen.

This room is definitely a luxury, but also the most requested today in American homes. It's a place to kick up your feet, watch your favorite James Bond movie, and gather with your friends and family. Make it fun and they will come.