Entryway and Foyer Design Ideas

Design Corner - Decorating - Entryway and Foyer

entryfoyerEntryways and foyers are the first impression of your home your guests will see. You will want your entryway to be bright and inviting, to welcome your guests into the rest of your home. The few key elements you will want to consider when designing your entryway are color, lighting, flooring and accessories. You should keep this space simple yet have an impact.

Keep Colors Bright and Inviting - Most entryways and foyers are not very large, so stay away from a darker color palette here. Darker colors will make your space feel smaller and closed in. Staying with a lighter, brighter palette will make your space feel open. Two colors which add personality and an inviting feel are sage green and a buttery yellow. These two colors offer versatility because they mesh well with other colors and are soft enough to allow bolder accessories.

Make Lighting Fun - This space is the traveled frequently and is the first impression of your guests when they enter your home, so ample amount of lighting is important. Halogen lighting is the brightest, yet softest, most energy efficient choice on the market today. Using chandeliers are beautiful touch for adding personality to this space as guests make their way into your home. Make sure to carefully plan on the positioning of your light fixtures to maximize the performance of lighting this area.

Durable and Creative Flooring - This is an area where you can have some fun. This area is generally a smaller space giving you the ability to be more creative in your choice of flooring; however, keep make sure your choice allows enough flow into the flooring of adjacent rooms. Spanish tiles or African stone adds a grand feel without being too cold. You flooring choice should consider durability and ease of cleaning as this is a heavy traffic area.

Simple and Clean Accessories - Don't over-accessorize in this space. Having playful colors on the walls with a chandelier and Spanish tiles on the floor will give you enough without adding too many accessories. A cherry wood end table beside the front door with a simple ceramic dish is perfect. The table and dish could also serve as a place for your keys when walking in the door. Adding a small area rug where people can wipe their feet and leave their shoes is also a good idea. Choosing a neutral color with organic fibers will compliment your other choices nicely.

Entryways and foyers reflect the design and style of the rest of your home. Keep this space simple and clutter free to maximize first impressions. Keep in mind the four key elements: color, accessories, flooring and lighting to achieve a bright inviting space.