Deck, Porch & Patio Design Ideas

Design Corner - Decorating - Deck, Porch & Patio

deckporchpatioThe best thing the keep in mind when decorating your deck, porch or patio is the entertainment factors these spaces bring. You want to keep them fun and able to accommodate many people. The key elements to consider when designing these spaces are furniture, accessories and electricity.

Furniture - When choosing furniture for these spaces go with a material that can withstand Mother Nature. Because decks, porches and patios are outdoors, look for furniture that is easy to clean and that is heavy enough to not blow away. There are many choices on the market today, so the possibilities are endless. You can go with neutral colors for the main structures and then be creative with the cushions for your pieces. A nautical theme is always a great choice for outdoor spaces. Try navy and white stripes, made of durable outdoor material. Even though outdoor materials are weather proof, it's a good idea to bring the cushions indoors before expecting rain so they are dry and ready to use when the storm clears.

Accessories - Because your deck, patio, and porch are outdoors, live plants and flowers are a wonderful way to accessorize these spaces. Adding flower boxes and potted plants are a great way to add color as well. Be sure to do your research when choosing your plants because different plants and flowers have different needs. Candles are also another great outdoor accessory. Having teakie torches lining your patio will capture a wonderful outdoor feel. Bug repellant candles are a great option to avoid swatting while enjoying your dinner or drink. You should look for an umbrella for your table to help shield you and your guests from the strong summer sun when entertaining during the day.

Electricity - No backyard entertaining is complete without adding some tunes. Make sure you have access to at least 1-2 electrical outlets. Whether for a radio or stringing festive light around the perimeter, having the option of electrical plug-ins is definitely a plus. You will be surprised how often you use them.

Having an outdoor space to entertain and relax is definitely a plus. Keep in mind the purpose; to entertain and have fun. Keep these few elements in mind and you are sure to create an inviting space where all the neighbors will want to hang out.