Cigar Room Design Ideas

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cigarroomAre you a cigar smoker? If the answer is yes, then having a cigar room can be a luxury in your home. Any closet or extra space or room can be converted into a cigar room and walk-in humidor. Whether you travel the world or drive down the street to collect rare and hard to find cigars you'll want to keep them in the proper place and climate. A humidor will help to preserve the cigars longevity and ensure optimum taste for your enjoyment even weeks after purchased. When designing a cigar room, careful planning around having both a smoking and storage room is important.

Smoking Room - You want to have separate room from where you smoke and store your cigars. Separate the two rooms with insulated glass doors so when relaxing and smoking you can observe your beautiful collection. Your room to smoke in should be an airtight properly ventilated space to avoid spreading smoke into the rest of house. Adding a few comfortable oversized leather chairs will be your resting place for lighting up your "stogie." A nice touch is to add vintage cigar sales posters and soft lighting. You should also consider placing a coffee table in between your chairs for easy access to your ashtray, cutting and lighting materials.

Storage Room (Humidor) - Your room to store the cigars (Humidor) should be cedar lined and humidity controlled. Control in your humidor is a top priority to consider when designing your space. Humidity should stay between 60 and 70 percent; anything higher or lower can deteriorate the tobacco leaves. Storing your cigars in a freezer or fridge is never a good idea since the humidity is basically zero percent. The temperature should be kept between 68 and 72 degrees. The space should be lined with cedar, which is a wood known to maintain a constant humidity level by naturally absorbing and releasing moisture into the air. A great option for cedar that is often used is Spanish cedar.

When designing your cigar room, make sure you separate the room you smoke in from your humidor - you will still feel part of the humidor because of the clear glass door and the aroma of cedar. Now, pour a glass a brandy, light up a stogie and relax.