Attic, Basement and Garage Design Ideas

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designdecor-atticbasementgarageThe most important thing when designing your attic, basement, or garage is organization. Using a system while storing all your items will pay dividends throughout the year. For example, keep frequently used items in a more accessible place rather than items you use only once a year like holiday decorations.

Painting - When it comes to painting, esthetics will probably take a backseat to practicality in these spaces. Use paints with neutral latex that can be easily cleaned and wiped down. Since people do not usually entertain in attics, basements, and garages there is no need to get real fancy in these spaces. These rooms are primarily used for storing all the things you do not want to display and for the items currently not in use, so be practical.

Shelving - A great way to keep your basement, attic, or garage organized is shelving. You can install metal shelves that can withstand all the elements. Remember if you install a shelving unit in your garage place it pressed against the wall to allow you room to park your car inside the garage and for extra storage.

Racks and Hooks - In your garage it might be a good idea to hang items. You can hang anything from a bicycle to a rake. Just like the bins, keep each item hung in their appropriate group. For instance, keep the garden tools, rakes and shovels separate from the cleaning supplies. Separating items by category makes it easier to find a tool when needed. Hanging items off the ground will also help avoid safety hazards.

Bins - Grouping all your items in separate bins per category will help keep you organized. For example, keep all your holiday decorations in one bin on the top shelf, and always keep the labels visible for easy access. For more frequently used items like table linens and placemats, you can keep in a bin on a lower shelf which is easier to reach.

Lighting - Make sure you also have ample lighting. Many attics, garages, and basement can be very small and dark. If you do not have electricity flow to certain areas you can always install battery powered tap lights to dark corners and areas. This will give the room more lighting without the hassle of installing an electrical outlet.

Storage areas should not be taken for granted. Keep your attic, garage and basement organized and clean. You will see what a difference it can make when you need to find little Johnny's baseball glove.